240sx body panels

Select Vehicle by VIN. Shop for Nissan SX Parts. About Nissan SX. Though Nissan SX had only been produced through two generations and now it is out of production, its popularity in drifting motorsport has not waned a little bit.

The first-generation Nissan SX S13; was released in as a model. Ina 2-door convertible also was added to the lineup and was exclusive to the North American market. Nissan SX then was powered by a 2. Then the second-generation Nissan SX S14; was launched in the spring of as a model.

The 2-door coupe offered in SE and LE trim levels was only body style. And it got power from a 2. The most distinguishing features about a sports car like Nissan SX are high speed high performance and free feelings. However, its performance could fade away due to overexposure to usage. So, you had better learn about how to maintain it in a right way for your Nissan SX's longer lifespan: First, engine stalls or hesitates on acceleration.

This is the most complained problem about Nissan SX according to the first-hand information collected from real Nissan SX owners at the car repair statistics site CarComplaints. They told besides rough running engine, reduction in power and fuel economy, hesitation in acceleration, the engine would also make squealing noises and keep overheating.

The vehicle could not pass emission inspection is another issue. If you can smell fuel odor and the Check Engine Light in SX is activated, then the SX fuel injector O-ring, fuel tank, drive belt, throttle cable, intake manifold gasket and oil filter need to be inspected completely. Second, suspension and steering issues. The suspension is supposed to let occupants free from torture brought by unpleasant driving experience.

However, in Nissan SX, people said it was not a comfortable driving. They complained not only the annoying loud noises while driving or grinding noises while turning troubled them a lot but also the excessive vibration unsatisfied them.

If you are also suffering, then the SX control arm shaft kit and coil spring insulator need replacements. As for steering failure as leaking steering fluid and difficulty steering, the SX power steering hose must have been collapsed. As the famous old saying says chance only favors the prepare mind, so you should always be prepared to deal with any unexpected condition on your Nissan SX in advance and stop those conditions from emerging.

In other words, you need to maintain some auto parts routinely in case they create problems. Some electrical parts in SX such as power window switch, wind regulator, door lock cylinder, headlight switch and so on will be worn out after overexposure to usage. So, regular maintenance on them is essential.

Other parts such as headlight cover, headlight, wiper arm and seat belt are also supposed to be on the routine maintenance list. And we have a broad collection of genuine Nissan SX auto parts covering a wide range of auto parts from parking brake cable to idle control valve.Hello, Sign In!

Your Andy's account is now active and you're logged in. All available coupons will be applied automatically in your shopping cart! In fact, we carry more body kits than any other company on Earth! We have more than 40 brands of ground effects including our own line of body kits that we manufacture in houseand we carry body kits for more than different vehicles!

Our store is full of car body kits and truck body kits, so take a look at our fantastic selection. Select Your Vehicle. Year AIT Racing. Andys Auto Sport.

Carbon Creations. Extreme Dimensions. VIS Racing. Duraflex GT-1 Body Kit. Front Bumper. Side Skirts. Rear Bumper. Full Kit. Complete Front Conversion Kit. Duraflex M-1 Sport Body Kit. Duraflex GP-1 Body Kit. Duraflex M-1 Body Kit. Rear Add Ons. Front Fender Flares. Rear Fender Flares. Rear Diffuser. Wing Spoiler. Not able to find what you are looking for?Looking for Nissan SX parts? Our staff has the experience and knowledge to answer any questions you may have before making an order for parts.

In other words we want to be your source for anything SX related from upgrades to basic maintenance. If you are looking to modify the look of your SX you came to the right place. We have the largest selection of SX body kits and aerodynamics on the internet. Browse our full selection of Nissan SX front bumpers, side skirts, rear bumpers, carbon fiber hoods, wide body fenders and much more. In other words we have all the parts to make your SX look just the way you want!

If you are looking to make horsepower with your SX we can help you do just that! We carry a full line of Nissan SX performance upgrades for both the normally aspirated KA24 model as well as the turbocharged SR20 engine from Japan. Additionally if you are looking to repair worn out components to restore your SX mechanically or are looking to build a full blown custom show or race car we have a very diverse selection of products and upgrades.

Browse our catalog of performance parts for your Nissan SX featuring the top manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket industry. Finally we have created easy to use catalogs that make finding your upgrades easy and efficient. Don't think we forgot about SX suspension. This is where we really shine when it comes to upgrading your SX.

We have a full line of SX suspension upgrades and can help you get your to handle and look the way you desire. We have a full catalog of SX coilovers, control arms, alignment components, sway bars and more. View our suspension catalog to see what we offer for your S-Chassis. Skip to content.This part is a packaged part and contains multiple quantities of: Pack Qty: 4. This part is a packaged part and contains multiple quantities of the same item.

In an effort to simplify packaging Nissan will sometimes include multiple parts in a package.

240sx body panels

View by Lookup Code. Lookup Code. Part No. Retail Price Your Price Qty. Bracket-Fuel Tank Select vehicle options to narrow down result. Bracket-Fuel Tank. Bracket-Hanger, LH. Bracket-Hanger, RH. Bracket-Seat Belt Anchor Select vehicle options to narrow down result. Bracket-Seat Belt Anchor. Bracket-Spare Tire Clamp. Limited Availability. Cap-Floor Bolt. Extension-Rear Floor, Front Select vehicle options to narrow down result.

Extension-Rear Floor, Front. Floor-Rear, Front Select vehicle options to narrow down result. Floor-Rear, Front. Floor-Rear, Rear. Member-Side, Rear LH.

Member-Side, Rear RH. Outrigger-Side Member, LH. Outrigger-Side Member, RH. Reinforce-Rear Floor. Side-Floor, Trunk LH. Side-Floor, Trunk RH. Parts like Floor Panel Rear are shipped directly from authorized Nissan dealers and backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

Parts fit for the following vehicle options. Engine: 4 Cyl 2. This part contains hazardous material.Each of our patch panels are available through top industry manufacturers. We offer our rust repair panels at only the best possible prices, because we know that rust repair parts are only one of many investments you want to make in your vehicle. Discover long-term value when you choose Raybuck for your rust repair needs.

Our selection is filled with rust repair products that are easy to install, no matter your familiarity. If you need assistance at any time during the process, get in touch with one of our customer service representatives. Our friendly, knowledgeable professionals are available by phone or email, and each can provide expert guidance as you consider your rust repair options or as you attempt do-it-yourself installation. We serve these passionate owners by offering a full selection of rust repair parts and the many other products needed to keep their vehicles in top condition.

For all your patch panels and other automotive needs, choose Raybuck. Browse our selection of rust repair panels, and make your car or truck look brand new again. Steel body parts are degraded over time by salt, grime, moisture and more. At Raybuck, we offer a huge selection of rust repair panels that allow you to quickly respond to rusting portions of your vehicle. Your vehicle is a valuable asset, and you should be able to get quality body patch panels to restore it.

Your vehicle is always vulnerable, especially as it gets up there in age. At Raybuck, we make sure you have access to rust repair panels that help maintain the original appearance of your classic vehicle. This means precision in fit, and attention to detail, in replicating exactly what the factory installed.

All of our body panels meet or exceed the metal thickness of the original panel they will replace.We now have a NEW brushed finish for all of our parts!

S14 240SX Aluminum Door Panels

Every part ordered will come standard with this new finish instead of our old orbital sanded finish! Please read the Description below for more info and important notes! These will give your interior a fresh new look over your old panels, as well as increase the cramped space when in the drivers seat.

They can be installed as-is, or painted or wrapped to match your interior. You can know that the aluminum will be the last panel you ever need to purchase!

The upper edge is bent in 2 spots on a sheet metal brake, to wrap around and hold onto the top edge of the door. These panels attach to all factory locations in the door, so there is no need to drill cut or modify your existing doors to fit these. Simply remove your old panel, and install these.

All mounting hardware is included, as well as the pull strap in your choice of color. Note for all Orders: The door pull cup hole appears slightly off visible in one of the photos. This is the worst case scenario and we usually ship out between business days weeks after an order has been placed.

Thanks for understanding! S13 Hood Vents. S14 Rear Quarter Trim Panels. S14 Rear Seat Delete.

240sx body panels

S13 Radiator Cooling Panel. S14 Sunroof Delete Panel. S14 Rear Interior Kit. S13 Aluminum Rear Quarter Trim. Remember me Log in. Lost your password?

240sx body panels

Related products. Quick View. Search for:. Choose an option 6.The sx is closely related to the Japanese market Silvia and sx.

For instance at Driven by Style, we offer many exterior upgrades for this vehicle. Additionally we offer many S13 SX Body Kit styles that not only give it a better appearance but also better performance by offering wider fender wells on our widebody kits for more aggressive tire sizes.

Secondly we offer hoods that will help cool the motors with having many different style vent openings. To sum it up, if you are looking for that certain appearance to customize your ride, we will help you achieve your goals! Duraflex has released the stylish Wide body that will widen your car up to 50mm in the Front and 30mm in the Rear. Additionally, widening the stance will give you improved handling when pushing your to the limit.

Extreme Dimensions, meanwhile, is adding different versions of this kit so check us out for the latest development. In Addition to just body kits, we offer complete frontend conversion kits to give you that real JDM look for your S platform.

The Silvia S13 is a real popular conversion that you can purchase with different style front bumpers. Secondly, is the Silvia S15 front conversions with its more aggressive lighting is very popular among car shows.

240sx body panels

S15 modernizes the look of any with its projector style headlamps. The SX is a very popular platform build for many Drift car Racers. Duraflex offers many different styles that are commonly used on these cars. In addition, we also offer the Type U and V-Speed kits. In Conclusion, Duraflex very affordable and durable parts for all your drifting needs. Skip to content.

Nissan 240SX Side Skirts

Body Kits Carbon Fiber Hoods 1. Fender Flares 4. Fenders Fiberglass Hoods 2. Front Bumper Lips 1.

How to Make a Fiberglass Mold - 240sx Custom Part

Front Bumpers Rear Bumper Lips 5. Rear Bumpers Side Skirts Trunks Hatches 1.


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