Math 303 ubc

This chapter provides an archive of courses offered by UBC. For current course sections and schedules, please visit the online Course Schedule. Adult and Higher Education. African Studies. Agricultural Economics.

American Sign Language. Anthropological Archaeology. Applied Animal Biology. Applied Biology. Applied Science. Applied Science Professional Program Platform. Arabic Studies. Archival Studies. Art History. Arts Co-Op. Arts One Program. Arts Studies. Arts Studies in Writing.

Arts and Science Interdisciplinary Courses. Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies. Asian Languages. Asian Studies. Atmospheric Science. Audiology and Speech Sciences. Biochemistry and Forensic Science.

Biomedical Engineering. Bridge Program. Business Administration: Core. Business Administration: Accounting. Business Administration: Business Statistics. Business Administration: Business Technology Management. Business Administration: Entrepreneurship.The Department of Mathematics offers opportunities for study leading to doctoral, master's, and bachelor's degrees. For information on advanced degrees, see graduate Mathematics.

Students should note that the first digit in the number of a course is intended to convey the level of mathematical maturity at which the course is conducted rather than the year in which it must be taken. Detailed information is available from the Mathematics Department or Co-operative Education.

The Department offers a large selection of courses in various areas of pure and applied mathematics and requiring various levels of mathematical sophistication. The student is advised to consult a Mathematics advisor during the second year or when considering a Major in Mathematics in order to design a coherent program of study suitable to the student's interests and abilities.

math 303 ubc

Students interested in the Combined Major must be accepted to the specialization by the Department of Mathematics and the Vancouver School of Economics. To enter the specialization, students apply to be admitted as a major in mathematics for second year by using the online process administered by the Faculty of Science and enrol in the courses for the Combined Major for second year. Near the end of second year, continuing students will need to finish the application by contacting the Vancouver School of Economics in the Faculty of Arts to apply for the Combined Major for third year.

Students admitted to this specialization must satisfy the admission and continuation requirements for majors students in both the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science. The Dual Degree program in Mathematics and Education offers qualified students the opportunity to earn a B. After completing all the requirements, students are normally eligible for a British Columbia Professional Teaching Certificate.

Admission to the Dual Degree program requires application in the fall of second year and successful completion of a teaching practicum at the end of second year.

See the Dual Degree Program in Science and Education for more information on admission and continuation requirements. Students planning to take a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mathematics, or in Mathematics combined with another subject, should note the following:. For a full list of acceptable courses see Communication Requirement. Also, MATH may substitute for any of the specified courses by decreasing the electives in any year by 3 credits.

Students who do not have B. Qualified students are encouraged to take PHYS In order to be promoted to third year, students must complete one of MATH MATH would be valuable for graduate study in economics. However students are required to take a minimum of 3 credits of literature coursework from ENGL, Some of the acceptable courses are not available for students enrolled in the Faculty of Science but might have already been taken by students that transferred to the Faculty of Science.

Also, MATH may substitute for any of the specified courses by decreasing the electives in any year by 2 credits.Numerical Approximation and Discretization. Jessica Bosch is the literally the kindest professor I have ever met.

Her slides along with the helpful summary slides are usually very clear and well structured. She also has in-class chapter group quizzes which are very useful in preparing students for the midterm and final. The content in the course is in some ways very simple, it is a bunch of algorithms for solving well-known math problems.

From this perspective, the course could be very complicated. Fortunately, we do not do very complex mathematics in the course, and largely the course is quite manageable.

math 303 ubc

The midterm, given the practice material, was pretty doable. The final was a bit trickier but was combined with very liberal scaling. The assignments were not bad, though Matlab can get annoying. There was also a bonus assignment which, along with the liberal final scaling, contributed to the A- average in the course. Butcher Tableau: Used to represent an instance of general Runge-Kutta method. Easy to get mixed up with the meaning of the different coefficients.

Barycentric weights: Used for efficient computation of Lagrange basis. Not something that would occur to you naturally. Order of a method: Each chapter seems to have a slightly different meaning of the order and precision of a method.

Good to keep track of what it means in a particular context. Interesting course. A combination of annoying Matlab along with neat mathematics and clever algorithms. Your email address will not be published. Jessica Bosch Dr. Difficulty The content in the course is in some ways very simple, it is a bunch of algorithms for solving well-known math problems.

Conclusion Interesting course. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Spam prevention powered by Akismet.Outline: Here. Earlier editions are indistinguishable for our purposes apart from possible changes to page and problem numbers.

An optional more advanced reference: G. Grimmett and D. Discussion board: We will use a Piazza discussion board this term. Do not share solutions to assignments on Piazza before the due date. Term marks may be scaled for consistency in both sections of MATH Final Examination: will take place on April 20, — pm.

Missed mid-terms and assignments will normally receive a zero grade. Exceptions may be granted by prior consent from the instructor, or for a documented medical emergency. When an exception is granted for a missed test, there is no make-up test, and the final exam mark will be used. Lecture 1: Basic definitions. Lecture 2: Chapman Kolmogorov equations. For some extra material on linear recurrence relations, see some brief notes here and the videos here.

Everything above here is on the first midterm. Lecture Poisson processes application. Some practice problems for the midterm. Homework: 9 weekly assignments will be given. These are due at the beginning of class on the due date, almost each Wednesday.

No later assignments will be accepted. The single lowest assignment will be ignored.

math 303 ubc

Due January Homework 1. Due January Homework 2. Due January Homework 3. Due February 7: Homework 4. Due February Homework 5. Due March 7: Homework 6.

Protected: MATH 303: Spring 2020

Due March Homework 7. Due March Homework 8. Due April 4: Homework 9. Yaniv Plan.I enjoy simple-seeming questions that lead to a richness of structure. Areas of interest include elliptic curves, Kleinian groups, algebraic divisibility sequences, Diophantine geometry, arithmetic dynamics, and quadratic and hermitian forms. I am especially interested in cryptography, including elliptic-curve and isogeny-based cryptography and post-quantum lattice-based cryptography, as well as quantum algorithms, in part for the surprising way mathematical structures can have an outsize influence on human affairs.

I enjoy problems that involve experimental, algorithmic, and especially visual mathematics, using a computer and other tools. I am developing a mild obsession with mechanical computing machines.

You can find my CV here. Our city is under a stay-at-home order. I hope all of you out there are hanging in and staying safe, and can find some time for mathematics. Social distancing saves lives. You can watch here. Birth of our son, Yitzhak WiseJanuary MathematicsBrown UniversityB.Homework: There will be weekly written homework assignments. These assignments will be posted above. Late homework will not be accepted. However, your lowest written homework score will be dropped so you can miss one homework if necessary.

All Educational Materials for MATH 303 at University of British Columbia (UBC)

Nevertheless, even if you miss a deadline, its a good idea to do the problems, since this is the best way to prepare for the tests and exam.

You are welcome to discuss the homework problems with your friends, but you are expected to hand in your own work. There will be two midterm exams and one final exam. Note that the final exam date is currently unavailable, but will be released during the term.

Do not make end-of-term travel plans until this date has been fixed. You will not be permitted to bring calculators to the test and exam. Missing a homework, quiz, or midterm :.

math 303 ubc

If you miss an assesment homework, quiz, or midterm for a valid reason -- see UBC Vancouver Senate's Academic Concession Policy Vplease fill out an academic request form and bring it to me. In this case, for a missed homework, the weight will be transferred onto the remaining homework assignment. For a missed quiz, the weight will be transferred to the remaining quizzes, If you miss the midterm, the weight will be transferred onto the final exam.

On a second instance, students will be expected to provide documentation. Any student who misses an assessment is to present to their instructor a self-declaration form or relevant documentation if this is not the first time they miss an assessment within 72 hours of the assessment date or their mark in the missed assesment will be 0.

Math Section Introduction to Stochastic Processes. It is due on Wednesday, Jan 15 at the start of class. Here is also another set of past midterms. Jan 8 class notes. Jan 10 class notes. Week 2. Jan 15 Snow day! Jan 17 class notes. Week 3. Jan 22 class notes document camera notes. Jan 24 class notes document camera notes. Week 4. Jan 29 class notes. Jan 31 class notes document camera notes. Week 5. Feb 5 class notes document camera notes. Feb 7 class notes document camera notes.

Week 6.

Math 303: Engineering Math 2

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